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Terms and Conditions
By using our services, whether as a guest, registered user, player or otherwise, you
automatically agree to these terms of service. Keep in mind that these terms of service,
apply to all users of our community and on the platforms we use.
Upon making a purchase / payment on our store, you acknowledge that these are all
virtual items and are non-refundable if not otherwise stated by the LunarRealms
Management Team.
You also acknowledge that upon making said purchase / payment, you understand
that a chargeback will result in a full removal from our network and a ban from the
In the event that you loose your purchased package due to an outage or end
of service, we are not required to compensate you. However, please contact us
as quickly as possible so that we can get any issue you may be experiencing resolved. 
In some cases, certain features in the package you've purchased may not be accessible.
If this is the case, we will find an equal feature on those servers and add them to your
package so that you get the full experience regardless of what you play on.
We at LunarRealms, reserve the right to terminate your account at any given time
if we feel that you are using our platform in a way that goes against our rules, and
terms of service. We will delete your account, posts, messages, and any other kind
of data that we've recorded from our systems.